Friskies “Dear Kitten” Commercials

September 26, 2016

The first time that you ever saw a “Dear Kitten” segment on the internet, either BuzzFeed, YouTube or that cool commercial during the Super Bowl, did you even get that it was a commercial for cat food? Probably not … at least not right up until the end.

Dear Kitten

These clever commercials are marketing genius. You may be surprised to hear that “Dear Kitten” is the product of a collaboration between BuzzFeed and Purina’s Director of Content, Rick Spiekermann. If you’ve never seen a “Dear Kitten” video, here’s the premise. The resident cat of this household is “training” the new inhabitant, the kitten, in a series of stories being told to kitten in a narrated letter format. Thus “Dear Kitten.”  The voice of the resident cat is none other than Buzzfeed’s very own Ze Frank.

In the very first video produced for this commercial series, we hear the serious intent of the older kitty to indoctrinate and guide the kitten through the many challenges of life through the eyes of cats. This spectacular line was spoken – “Dear Kitten, since I have hissed at you the customary 437 times, it is now my duty as the head of the household to begrudgingly welcome you,” and they kitties were off to the races!

The Butt Paper

The older kitty has given kitten sound and sage advice on such topics as the vacuum cleaner, the dog, the mirror (aka Impersona-cat), the forbidden water bowl and butt paper, the vertical carpet, friendship, and humans. Cat even tells kitten an endearing story about his old friend, Peanut, who has sense passed over the rainbow bridge.

Each of the videos is funny and endearing. They warm our hearts while keeping us entertained … even bringing forth a chuckle, a guffaw or a laugh out loud now and then! While watching the “Dear Kitten” videos I always forget I’m watching a commercial for “the wet food.” Friskies and BuzzFeed have an awesome hit on their hands. I, personally, hope they never stop making new stories based on these two furry friends.

The Kitten in Dear Kitten Videos The Wise Older Cat in Dear Kitten Videos




Dear Kitten the Disappearing Humans