Funniest Moments in NFL – 2015 Version

October 5, 2016

The best thing about football is making fun of those giant players. Watching them crash into each other and try to demolish the opposing team members doesn’t appear funny at first glance. But you have to watch what happens when the geniuses at “Bad Lip Reading” take NFL footage and puts words in their mouths!

2015 NFL Bad Lip Reading

The person behind the Bad Lip Reading channel on YouTube is an anonymous video and music producer from Texas. He … (okay, honestly, no one seems to know for certain if this person is a man or a woman, but I’m just going to use male pronouns for ease of communication in this blog post) … so, he posted his first video to YouTube back in March 2011. This was a funny rendition of Rebecca Black’s song “Friday.” In the BLR video it appears that Miss Black is singing a whole other song about gang warfare.

Although Mr. A. Nonymous has produced and posted many videos to his YouTube channel based on songs, movies, TV shows, and politicians, my favorites are all of the NFL Bad Lip Reading videos. There are several of the NFL videos starting as far back as 2012. And Mr. A (because I got tired of saying “he”) doesn’t leave anyone out when he’s dubbing in crazy words that (mostly) match what the person might actually have been saying based on – well – reading their lips! He dubs the players, the coaches, the referees and even the sportscasters. No one, apparently, is immune to the crazy wit that is Bad Lip Reading.

Bad Lip Reading 2015 NFL

I had a horribly difficult time trying to pick just one snippet to place in here for your viewing pleasure, so I had to call my brother in from our back pasture where he had been excavating a new pond for the cattle that stay back there. My brother and I watched hours of hysterical Bad Lip Reading NFL videos while trying to cull out something under five minutes that I could place here. We both ended up with aching sides, tear streaked faces, and stomach cramps, but it was all worth it in the end.

Please enjoy the video. Share it with all of your friends. They will thank you. Then you can all race over to YouTube and subscribe to the Bad Lip Reader’s channel. It’s a hoot!

Bad Lip Reading 2015 NFL snippet