Polititions Say the Silliest Things

September 28, 2016

In this election year, we’ve heard a lot of crap already. The debates turn into kindergarten shouting matches, the political advertising is nothing but putting the other guy down, and the candidates can’t seem to tell the truth to save their lives!

And while this particular presidential election will go down in history as the wackiest ever, pitting a failed female politician against a guy that uses bankruptcy as a way to not pay his vendors, there have been many political faux pas blurted out throughout history.

When President Jimmy Carter gave a speech in Poland in 1977, his interpreter had a bit of trouble with a couple of Carter’s lines. The first was when President Carter stated he wished to learn the Polish people’s “desires for the future.” The interpreter spoke it as “I desire the Poles carnally.” Cure very confused Polish audience.

When President George H.W. Bush visited the capital of Australia in 1992, he was seen and photographed giving the Aussies the “V” for Victory sign. As is turns out, this only means victory in the United States. This hand gesture, when done with your palm facing inward as President Bush did at the time, does not mean victory to Australians – it’s actually the same as flipping the bird in America. Oh, the embarrassment.

When First Lady Michelle Obama went to meet the Queen, she broke a cardinal rule – that being, you don’t touch the Queen. Mrs. Obama actually threw an arm around the Queen in a popular side-hug gesture. While this has been done by others such as two different Australian Prime Ministers and a Canadian cyclist, you would think that the First Lady of these United States would know and follow royal etiquette while a guest in their country.

So there you have it. Politicians are not above making mistakes. This video that I recently found and am happy to share with you today shows 20 perfect examples of our leaders saying silly, stupid, and funny things. Please enjoy and share!

20 Silly Funny Crazy Things Said by Politions