SNL – Family Feud Political Edition

October 3, 2016

The season premiere of Saturday Night Live happened on October 1, 2016, and it was a hoot! The featured clip is a rollicking round of Family Feud pitting “Team Trump” against “Team Clinton.”

I wasn’t even aware this was coming, to be honest. My BFF and the owner of Plano Mobile Mechanics called me up around 10 p.m. on Saturday and insisted that I rush over to his house and watch the show with him

I’m so NOT sorry I did. Funniest SNL I’ve seen in ages … and it’s almost always more fun to watch in a group!

SNL Family Feud Political

Keenan Thompson did a stellar job, as usual, of being Steve Harvey. The introductions of the “families” had me howling with laughter from the very start with Kelly Anne Conway insisting they weren’t even on Family Feud, but actually Jeopardy. Ivanka Trump was standing in her own personal breeze, while Chris Cristie couldn’t stop making “bridge” reverences. Vladamir Putin was serious and seriously creepy (just like in real life!) as he told Steve Harvey that he and Trump were Facebook friends.

On the other side, the introductions started out with Bill Clinton rambling about the great times he’s about to have when he returns to live in the White House again and Sarah Silverman claiming to be excited “from her head down to her vagina.” Lin-Manuel Miranda, of course, breaks into rap after being introduced while the ever-awesome Bernie Sanders quipped about Hillary “You might not want to take her now, but if one doesn’t they will be clogged with crap for a very long time.”

SNL Bernie Sanders

I’m not sure you even need my words. Just watch the video which features the following current political names:

  • Kellyanne Conway (Kate McKinnon)
  • Ivanka Trump (Margot Robbie)
  • Gov. Chris Christie (Bobby Moynihan)
  • Vladimir Putin (Beck Bennett)
  • Bill Clinton (Darrell Hammond)
  • Sarah Silverman (Melissa Villaseñor)
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda (Cecily Strong)
  • Sen. Bernie Sanders (Larry David)

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SNL - Family Feud Political Edition